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Tentang Edo

PT Diamond Cold Storage develop Bakery Division from 2008 located in Cibitung, produce frozen pastry and bakery under Edo and Bon Patis Brand with the passion becoming the best manufacture in Frozen Bakery & Pastry industry.

Bon Patis focus on Foodservice channel (B2B), committed to spread delight through 75 SKU of frozen pastry and bakery products.

Whilst Edo Brand focused on Retail channel (B2C), deliver 13 SKU of frozen pastry and bakery products to the end consumer. Edo Brand also have 17 SKU of frozen seafood processed food.

PT Sukanda Djaya as part of Diamond Cold Storage Group, is distributing both brand through 17 branches all over Indonesia. This is also become one of the strength compare to the competitor. Each of our branches have the best cold storage to help us deliver our products in it’s best condition. 

Produk Kami

Mini Pao Kacang Merah

Mini Pao Coklat Kacang

Mini Pao Ayam Kecap

Mantou Wholewheat

Mantou Coklat

Mantou Multigrain

Kata Mereka

Tentang Edo

Kata Mereka

Tentang Edo



Berpengalaman selama 14 tahun menjadi Pastry Chef, Chef Rendi pernah Bekerja di Hotel Ritz Carlton Dubai, Fairmont Abu Dhabi hingga ke La Cigale Hotel, Qatar, sebelum bergabung dengan Sukanda Djaya



Berpengalaman selama 11 tahun menjadi Pastry Chef, dari mulai Planet Hollywood Jakarta, Hotel Mulia sebelum bergabung dengan Sukanda Djaya



Berpengalaman selama 6 tahun di dunia kuliner, dimulai dari Layana Resort Thailand, hingga menjadi Head Chef di Indonesian Embassy di Canada sebelum bergabung dengan Sukanda Djaya



Berpengalaman selama 4 tahun di dunia Pastry & Bakery. Dari Hotel Raffles, Hotel Westin, Restaurant Savior dan Hotel Aston Kuningan Jakarta

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